Google Doodle for today … “Inge Lehmann’s 127th birthday”!!


~~May 13, 2015~~ 

Inge Lehmann

Danish seismologist’s 127th birthday celebrated with Google Doodle

Almost eight decades ago, Danish seismologist Inge Lehmann transformed our perception of Earth, by discovering the existence of an inner core.
To celebrate the 127th birthday of the pioneering scientist, who studied earthquakes to make her findings, Google is showing a Doodle on its front page.

The illustration shows Earth sliced into two, with its molten core shining like a star.

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Inge Lehmann (May 13, 1888 – February 21, 1993) was a Danish seismologist and geophysicist who discovered the Earth’s inner core. In 1936, she postulated from existing seismic data the existence of an inner core with physical properties distinct from the outer core’s and that Earth’s core is not a single molten sphere.

Seismologists, who had not been able to propose a workable hypothesis for the observation that the P-wave created by earthquakes slowed down when it reached certain areas of the inner Earth, quickly accepted her conclusion.

~~Early life and education~~

Inge Lehmann was born and grew up in Østerbro, a part of Copenhagen. Her father was experimental psychologist Alfred Georg Ludvik Lehmann (1858–1921). She received her school education at a pedagogically progressive high school led by Hanna Adler, Niels Bohr’s aunt. According to Lehmann, her father and Adler were the most significant influences for her intellectual development.

She studied mathematics at the University of Copenhagen and University of Cambridge, interrupted by poor health. She continued her studies of mathematics in Cambridge from 1910-1911 at Newnham College. In 1911, she returned from Cambridge feeling exhausted from the work and put her studies aside for a while.

She developed good computational skills in an actuary office she worked in for a few years until she resumed studies at Copenhagen University in 1918. She completed the candidates magisterii degree in physical science and mathematics in two years. When she returned to Denmark in 1923, she accepted a position at Copenhagen University as an assistant to J.F. Steffensen, the professor of actuarial science.

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~~Inge Lehmann~~

Google Doodle

Music by Josh Woodward – Memorized

~~Published on May 12, 2015~~

Google Doodle about Inge Lehman published on May 13th, 2015.

Google celebrate the 127th birthday of Inge Lehmann with a worldwide Google Doodle. Inge Lehmann was a Danish seismologist. She discovered the Earth’s inner core. Until she died she was the executive seismologist of the Geodætisk Institut of Kopenhagen.


We ALL are ONE!! 


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