To start the day …. “Omar Akram: Last dance”!!


~~May 16, 2015~~ 


I dance for me,

Silent vibrations from within

Rhythm of the unseen,

I dance for me.

My steps follow their direction,

My heart-beat echoes their sound.

Some say I dance weird: they call me possessed.

If I dance raw, if I dance pure,

If I dance whirlwind, if I dance the spirits within,

No matter what they say,

I know I dance me.

I dance for me.

©2001 akachukwu chukwuemeka



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Omar Akram is a Grammy Award-winning recording artist, composer and pianist. He became the first Afghan-American to win a Grammy award in 2013 with his fourth studio album, “Echoes of Love.”

He is also an inspirational writer who contributes to The Huffington Post.

Akram was born in New York. He grew up traveling around the world as the son of a United Nations diplomat living in such diverse locales as France, Cuba, Afghanistan and the Czech Republic. He notably met Fidel Castro at the age of 14, who is said to have allowed him to sneak into the local Cuban jazz clubs, the sounds of which influenced his formative compositional style.

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~~Last Dance~~

Omar Akram

~~Published on Apr 12, 2012~~

Nevena Nena


We ALL are ONE!! 


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