BREAKING NEWS …. Lion hunting ban just LIFTED in Zambia!


~~May 18, 2015~~ 

The government of Zambia has just decided to lift a ban on the hunting of lions and other big cats. The ban has been in effect since 2013. This unsettling announcement was made by Zambia’s Minister of Tourism, Jean Kapata, during a press conference in Lusaka.

According to the high-ranking official, leopard hunting will resume during the course of the 2015/2016 season with ‘cautionary quotas’, while lion hunting is due to be legal during the 2016/2017 season.

The hunting of lions and other big cats was suspended due to weak regulatory systems; meanwhile, the declining lion population, over-harvesting and habitat loss have also been major factors for banning such hunts.


Since the hunting ban was enforced, international organizations such as the Safari Club International Foundation, have praised Zambia for its wildlife conservation efforts.

We cannot let these efforts be hampered again! Lifting the ban on lion and big cat hunting will mean that all the efforts in the last two years were in vain!

Take action now and let the authorities know that lifting the ban is completely unacceptable. The status of the lion has not changed in Zambia and there is no scientific study to prove that lifting the ban will not effect the existing population!

Sign the petition and ask the authorities in Zambia not to repeal the big cat hunting ban!

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~Global March for Lions Auckland~

Ban canned hunting

Shona Lyon

~Published on Mar 12, 2014~

Please watch this till the end! The dramatic reality of canned hunting set to the legendary Brian May’s and singer Kerry Ellis’ re-recording of the Oscar winning song ‘Born Free’.

I am here because I am angry.

Angry at being told that the cruelty is only sustainable use when I can see that it is sustained abuse. Must we all swallow the lie that the only way to save African wildlife is by killing animals?

I’m angry about the pampered trophy hunters who come to SA for no other reason than to torture and kill hand reared lions.

Angry about lion farmers who breed lions for no other reason than to provide tame targets to be executed by sadistic killers.

And I’m angry about tourists who are being duped into feeding the canned hunting industry through cub petting.

Angry that volunteers are being misled to work at lion farms that pose as wildlife sanctuaries.

I’m also tired of being told that hunters only want to kill lions to help the impoverished masses in Africa. Let them donate money if that is a real concern.

And here is CITES standing by watching while Africa’s wildlife heritage collapses in front of our eyes. CITES is supposed to control the international trade in wild animals. Instead, it facilitates wildlife trafficking by ignoring the many loop holes.

I see how the hunting industry has invaded and occupied conservation space, in order to pervert conservation policies. How moral outrage is cunningly deflected with slick public relations. How hunters have paralyzed conservation structures in SA.

And made preservation a dirty word.


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We ALL are ONE!! 


We ALL are connected through NATURE!! 


4 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS …. Lion hunting ban just LIFTED in Zambia!

  1. I think they open buffalo hunting in US in the Great Plains and by Yellowstone from time to time. This is because the environment can sustain two herds of about 9,000 so every now and then they allow thinning out. The license for a shoot is very very expensive and probably a limit one per person and a strict count kept. It may be the case in Africa but I doubt it. There is just too much money for officials in Africa to get huge bribes to allow the trophy hunting.

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  2. Shame.on the evil men allowing delinquent rich to hunt precious creatures who cannot be replaced by any mortal. Leopards are already verging on extinction. Take the money and create preserves and vet centers, national parks.

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  3. Glory seeking idle rich need to stop and think. That wall trophy dies when they do. Give to research, conservation, refuges, and parks. Your name lasts for generations as a hero of nature and future generations. Name a living creature after yourself. Be a hero.

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