At the end of the day …. “Good night with Topo Gigio”!!


~~May 19, 2015~~ 


Topo Gigio was the lead character of a children’s puppet show on Italian and Spanish television in the early 1960’s. The character, created by artist Maria Perego, debuted on Italian television in 1959 and has been customarily voiced by actor Giuseppe “Peppino” Mazzullo and later Davide Garbolino. The Italian nickname “Gigi” is a derivative of Luigi (“Louis”), so Topo Gigio could be translated as Louie Mouse.

Topo Gigio, a soft foam mouse with dreamy eyes and a childish personality, was very popular in Italy for many years — not only on TV, but also in children’s magazines, such as the classical Corriere dei Piccoli, animated cartoons, movies, and merchandising.

The character’s popularity spread to the world after being featured on The Ed Sullivan Show in the US.

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~Angels From Up High~

Angels from on high
So very close by
Protecting us
Wherever we may be.

Guide us down the path
Just you and me
As we lay down at night
Covered up so tight.

Wonderful dreams
For you and me, too
So we can get up
Feeling so anew.

~Country Girl47~


We ALL are ONE!! 


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