To start the day …. ” …. and the winners are: Rumer and Val”!!


~~May 20, 2015~~ 

Rumer Willis & Val Chmerkovskiy Won ‘Dancing With The Stars‘ and They Totally Deserved The Mirrorball Trophy


It’s been a really close race for this season’s frontrunners, but on Tuesday. May 19, 2015, Rumer Willis and Val Chmerkovskiy won Dancing With The Stars, and the golden Mirrorball trophy has never been more well-deserved. Honestly, it could have gone to any of the top three contestants and I would have been happy; they all worked equally hard and were extremely talented.

But, I was glad to see Rumer and Val win because it proved that talent is rewarded in this competition. 

The win was special for a number of reasons, but also because it granted pro Val his first victory. He’s been with the show since 2006, teaching countless celebrities how to dance; it was about time that he took home the win. This was an incredible season, and it was a good one to mark the show’s 10th anniversary. Never has there been such a tight competition filled with so many deserving stars.

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~~Rumer & Val Winners of DWTS Season 20 Week 10 Finale~~

Dancing With The Stars 2015

~~Published on May 19, 2015~~

Rumer & Val Winners of DWTS Season 20 Week 10 Finale


It’s too bad the show couldn’t have crowned three winners, but I’m happy with the results. Now that we have our DWTS champion, excuse me while I watch their flawless final number over and over again.


… and I totally agree!



~~DWTS Season 20 Finale Results~~

Rumer Willis and Val Fusion Dance Dancing with The Stars Finals

~~Published on May 19, 2015~~

Dancing With The Stars Season 20 Finale 2015 Results Night May 19, 2015


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We ALL are ONE!! 


5 thoughts on “To start the day …. ” …. and the winners are: Rumer and Val”!!

    • Do you get this show in the UK or do you have your own version? This season which ended last night was very special … the finals were exciting. All three couples were awesome. Hugs ….

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      • It started out Life in the UK.. and was taken to the USA… 🙂 we get our own version and have for many a year.. 🙂 Called Strictly Come Dancing it started in 2004.. 🙂 you can find it if you google it and on Youtube xxx


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