To start the day …. “Music Box Dancer – Drum Cover”!!


~~May 28, 2015~~ 

So … I went a little crazy, because … I felt a little crazy. Anyway, here’s a drum cover to the smash-hit from the 1970’s, Frank Mills MUSIC BOX DANCER I pretty much killed it.

Dead or at least seriously wounded laugh, dang it.



“As it appears in ….. full read”


School is out and we have the kids at home during the day while the parents work. We need to keep them entertained and busy.

This is Connor-Man. 

“I’ve got this”!

From a very young age, he’s been totally attracted to drums. So much so, that his Mommy found a real drum set at a garage sale and got it for him at a price that she couldn’t pass up. He’s been fascinated since. He played and played, even though his short legs didn’t reach the big pedals. He loves music.

Why include this video today?

Yesterday he spent part of the afternoon watching drumming videos on YouTube and specifically called me over to watch this one.

He liked it a lot and wanted to share it with me.

Here I am, sharing it with you.




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~~Music Box Dancer – Drum Cover~~

~~Published on Mar 5, 2014~~

Drum cover to the smash-hit (from the 1970’s), Frank Mill’s MUSIC BOX DANCER!


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We ALL are ONE!! 


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