Thoughts for today, #169 …. “Fall in Love with Life Again”!!


~~June 8, 2015~~ 

How to Fall Back in Love With Your Life

Ever found yourself in a rut, just waiting for some force of the Universe to pull you out?

When ennui sets in, it can be hard to find a way back into the light, but it typically takes a series of events and choices for us to be living a life out of sync with our personal goals, values, and passions.


Take the long way home


Surround yourself with the right people

Be present

Identify your values

Serve others


I believe we are all connected and thus all have our own roles to play in which we contribute to the collective good. When we connect to that role, we simultaneously connect to our purpose and to each other, filling up that hollowness we can get when we’re not feeling so in love with our life.

Falling back in love with your life requires a little determination and reflection, but mostly it’s about letting go and just tuning in — to your most authentic self and to the world and people around you.


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We ALL are ONE!! 


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