At the end of the day …. “Concentrate! Just listen to my voice”!!


~~June 12, 2015~~ 

A Cat Gives A Dog A Very Comical Hypnotherapy Session

Chris Cohen is at it again.

The London-based comedian and presenter is most well known for his viral “Cat vs. Printer Translation” back in 2010, but has had many similar videos since then as well.

This time he has sights set on a Bengal cat and a Weimaraner pup. The original video was posted by YouTube user AustinAndN back in 2012, but only recently reached the hands of Cohen.

Cohen turned the leisurely massage session into one of hypnotherapy that will cause even the most solemn person to crack a smile.

(Make sure your speakers are on)


~~Cat Gives A Dog Hypnotherapy~~

The Translation

~~Published on Dec 17, 2014~~

I am only responsible for the voice-over.

Chris Cohen


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We ALL are ONE!! 


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