Last Night’s White Terrorist Attack on Black Church in Charleston, S.C. (statement by PSL)

“The level of hypocrisy is too damn high!!” … There is no excuse for this! Action must be quick & swift.

United States Hypocrisy

**The following article has been re-posted from the Liberation News website. All credit goes to Brian Becker of for writing it.

‘Racist terrorist Dylan Storm Roof, wearing the flags of the apartheid regimes of South Africa and Rhodesia’

Terrorism, white supremacy and the Charleston massacre

By Brian Becker
Jun 18, 2015

Will the political leaders of the capitalist world react to last night’s racist massacre of nine Black parishioners at Charleston South Carolina’s historic Emmanuel AME Church, co-founded in the early 1820’s by anti-slavery resistance martyr Denmark Vesey, as they did to the massacre six months ago of eleven people at the Paris magazine Charlie Hebdo?

Will they all descend on Charleston in a massive march that clearly condemns white supremacy and white racist terrorism? Will the airwaves be filled with denunciations of white racist “extremism” that is so commonplace in the United States? Will they mass produce T-shirts…

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11 thoughts on “Last Night’s White Terrorist Attack on Black Church in Charleston, S.C. (statement by PSL)

  1. White terrorist attack ? Is it really reasonable to attribute this attack to white racism and white supremacy? Why would you use this crazy man to indict an entire segment of a population and categorize it as white terrorist when it is composed of millions of non racist Christian people who are as heartbroken as anyone else? If the man was Spanish, Muslim, Chinese et al would one of their individual’s acts condemn those entire populations? Does it also condemn all gun owners?

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    • It does not condemn all gun owners but it sure as Hell points out the fact that this particular individual should have never been allowed to get his hands on a gun — and remarkably …. even “Incredibly” … there is a whole clueless horde out there in the general population whose mindset runs along similar lines as this guy’s does. There are several countries on Earth whose gun laws are very strict — Japan, The U.K. Austrailia to name a few — and their incidence of gun-related violence is ridiculously low compared to our own. Of course this kind of argument falls on deaf ears when presented to many on the radical right because I suspect that guns are more important to some of them than human life is.

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      • We should be ashamed about the gun violence in this country, the most “advanced” one?? … some have said! I heard there were only two gun related deaths somewhere in Japan or China?
        A blogger posted that there have already been 500+ deaths this year ….
        Something to be really proud of, right? Not …..

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      • Guns and money rule the national dialogue and until the tragedy comes home to some of the promoters of this nonsense nothing is going to change — but the day some really big wig gets in the way of some fanatic on a mission to do devastation with his or her Secund Mendmunt rights nothing is going to change.

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  2. What “They” will do is squeeze the incident for all the news value and then when the smoke clears they will put it all on page three or four and in a few weeks no more mention will be made of it and we will all wait for the next atrocity to occur. Thus is the power of big business, big money and the gun lobby that directs the dialogue in modern American Politics. Sad but true I fear!

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