At the end of the day …. “The Visit: The simple emotion that is love”!!


~~June 23, 2015~~ 

India’s First Lesbian Ad Goes Viral

India’s first ad featuring a lesbian couple and it is just beautiful

It’s simple, it’s tasteful, it’s touching.

Indeed, just beautiful.

It simply shows the emotion that is love.




Homosexuality has been a taboo subject in India for as long as one can recall. But slowly, that has been changing. Despite the legality of such a sexual orientation, people are feigning no qualms about portraying it in art.

This ad from Anouk Ethnic Apparel’s ‘Bold Is Beautiful‘ campaign shows a lesbian couple getting ready to meet the parents of one of them. It explores the idea of coming out of the closet and the simple emotion that is love.

The first Indian advertisement to feature a lesbian couple has gone viral, the Times of India reports, and its creators hope that it will have a positive influence on the way homosexuality is viewed a socially conservative country where it is still against the law.

The online video shows two women in a live-in relationship flirting and dressing up for the day, chatting about the expectations they face and their love for each other.



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The commercial, created for the clothing brand Anouk Ethnic apparel, is entitled The Visit and shows a lesbian couple preparing to meet their parents. It has already topped three million views across various forms of social media.
This ad, is definitely worth a watch.






~~Published on May 28, 2015~~

Her Beautiful blue kurta is not the only thing that will take your breath away.

Watch the video to know more. #anoukboldisbeautiful


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We ALL are ONE!! 


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