Thoughts for today, #189 … “Balance is Key”!!


~~June 30, 2015~~ 


From light to dark and dark to light.
From sad to happy and happy to sad.
From night to day and day to night.
From bad to good and good to bad.

From peace to war and war to peace.
From love to hate and hate to love.
From release to hold and hold to release.
From above to below and below to above.

From strong to weak and weak to strong.
From doubt to faith and faith to doubt.
From belong to alone and alone to belong.
From outward to in and from in to out.

From found to lost and lost to found.
From grief to happy and happy to grief.
From sound to quiet and quiet to sound.
From relief to pain and pain to relief.

~Joshua Tepania~




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We ALL are ONE!! 


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