Something to think about …. “What a Real American Looks Like”!!


~~July 2, 2015~~ 

What Does an American Look Like?

America is home to a beautiful array of different races and ethnicities.

On most city streets it’s common to look around and see a plethora of people representing every region of the world. Ancestors who came to America at different times over the last couple of centuries have added their legacy and dreams to our nation. However, the question of what does an American look like can result in some intriguing answers.


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In 2012, photographer Matika Wilbur sold everything in her Seattle apartment and hit the road on a cross-country journey.

Her goal?

To photograph individuals from each of the 562 federally recognized Native American tribes in the United States and memorialize their stories.

Since then, the number of federally recognized tribes has risen to 566, and Wilbur is still crisscrossing the country, immersing herself in the worlds of Native Americans from Brooklyn to the far reaches of Alaska for her ongoing photo series, Project 562.

“Stereotypes in the media reduce Indian country to the Plains Indian in a headdress,” said scholar Adrienne Keene, a member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma whom Wilbur photographed for the series. “(Project 562) gives people an opportunity to see the diversity in Indian country and reframe what they think of when they think of Native Americans.”



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We ALL are ONE!! 


4 thoughts on “Something to think about …. “What a Real American Looks Like”!!

  1. I’d like to take this even one step further, not all Native Americans look like this. Some like me, have blonde hair and blue eyes. Yes, I am a mixed race, like so many others, so, what you see is not always all that their is, when it comes to race.

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