How Luis Muñoz Marín, the Drug Addict, Manipulated the FBI

The worst of the worst! Never the “straight arrow”, he wiggled himself into the weave of Puerto Rican politics and, together with the USA, set the “journey” to the current reality of Puerto Rico. He was “idolized” by many and fooled all. A puppet himself but a master at manipulation. A disgrace …. All the monuments, street names and everything in his “honor” should be removed. He was “bought” for $150,000 … by the Empire, followed its “orders”. Then proceeded to personally benefit from this evil cauldron created by two forces who were clearly out to rob & steal everything they could from the island of Puerto Rico!!


War Against All Puerto Ricans: Revolution and Terror in America’s Colony

As of April 1943, the FBI had extremely damaging information about Luis Muñoz Marín’s personal life. He had a “Puerto Rican inferiority complex.” He “abandoned his wife and children,” was a “heavy drinker” and “utterly unprincipled,” with “no ideals whatsoever.” He also “had no profession” and was “living with his mistress.”

But this information could apply to many politicians, both in the US and Puerto Rico. The really damaging information was this:

Luis Muñoz Marín was a narcotics addict. He was smoking opium. After he became governor, he smoked it in the governor’s mansion. This lifelong addiction began during his “bohemian” years in New York City, and continued well into his retirement, after he was no longer governor.

The FBI, and the US government, never released this information. Instead, they used the threat of releasing it to control him, and to control the island’s politics for nearly 30 years.


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