The view in Ocala, Florida …. on July 12, 2015!!


~~July 13, 2015~~ 


I don’t live too far from Ocala.

It’s a tolerable drive from where I am. I’ve been there several times because that’s where my tattoo artist lives and has her shop.

She posted the collage pictures of the “celebration” on Sunday, July 12. She posted them and said that this was the view in front of her shop.

I must confess that I wasn’t really aware of the clear and true meaning of this flag until the event in South Carolina.

I have read post after post and believe that this is a symbol that brings very painful memories to members of the community and the nation.

To me it’s still a symbol of racism, race, death, white supremacy …. but what do I know?

I’m Puerto Rican.



Marion County Commission votes unanimously to fly Confederate flag once again

There’s always got to be the one place where they buck the trends, right?

Contrarian Marion County, Florida, is that place. Commissioners voted unanimously to put the confederate flag right back up the flagpole, with the excuse that it represents “history.”

I suppose that “history” depends on which perspective you’re looking through, doesn’t it?

Officials in Florida’s Marion County have decided to buck the national — not counting Mississippi — trend of removing the Confederate battle flag from government buildings by restoring the one they took down after the June shootings in Charleston, South Carolina.

At the Marion County Commission meeting Tuesday morning, “several” members of general public argued that the flag ought to be restored, and the commission voted to do exactly that.

Members of the commission assured the Ocala Star Banner’s Kristine Cane, however, that the flag would be accompanied by an informative display that would outline its historical significance.

At the time of its removal, a spokeswoman for Interim County Administrator Bill Kauffman said that it was necessary because of “perceived connotations of displaying the flag at governmental agencies.”

“As it appears in …. full read/full credit”



The collage pictures are actual pictures of the people of Marion County celebrating

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~Why the Marion County Commission voted to raise Confederate flag~

~~Published on Jul 8, 2015~~

We sent FOX 13 Chief Investigator Craig Patrick to ask why, and Commission Chairman Stan McClain sat down with him.

McClain said the decision was based on history. So Craig asked him to explain the history, and his vote.


“There are five flags that flew over Florida during periods of time and this is one of the five flags,” he said, later conceding, “you could probably add more.”



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We ALL are ONE!! 


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