Thoughts for today, #204 …. “Breathe … and let go”!!


~~July 21, 2015~~ 

A little love, a simple act of kindness, a little thank you and many more little things goes a long way in our lives.

Really, these little things in life are the big things.



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We ALL are ONE!! 


2 thoughts on “Thoughts for today, #204 …. “Breathe … and let go”!!

  1. I think people would be a lot happier and a lot better off if they understood that the only time we humans have to do anything is in an elusive but ever-present moment in the fabric of Time called “The Now.” Yesterday is gone forever and can never return again and tomorrow is promised to no one. Now is truly the only chance we have to do anything so maybe we should determine to tell people who mean a lot to us that we love them more than we have told them because nothing is more painful than regrets. Maybe we should do those little acts of kindness because by acting on them now, while we have the chance, we might change a life somewhere for the better or help to heal someone whose life has been broken to the point of despair.

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    • My dear friend John … these are might strong and important words. Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a warm and significant comment. I really appreciate it.
      I agree … life can change in a nano second. Hugs … peace!!!
      To “the now”!!

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