Something to think about …. “Before Judging …. Walk in their Shoes”!!


~~August 6, 2015~~ 


Walk in my shoes just one step,

you will feel my pain and how

I have silently wept.

Walk in my shoes just one foot,

you will feel how I struggle every day

to stay strong and be tough as wood.

Walk in my shoes, just one yard,

you will feel my heart ache and

be able to empathize how some

days are truly hard.

Walk in my shoes, just one mile,

you will feel the frustration I feel in

 having to keep a phony smile.

Walk in my shoes for a day,

you will suffer the pain I feel,

when the judgment you subtly pass

is so obvious to me.

Walk in my shoes for a week,

you will then come to realize

how much respect you really have for me.

No need to walk any further,

for you are able to step out of my shoes.

You will now know all the struggles

it takes to survive and all

the stress that is juggled.

Before you judge me, just try a walk

in my shoes,

even if it is for a moment.

For you will never know when you will

be wearing the same shoes too.

by Victoria T Zicafoose




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We ALL are ONE!! 


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