Thoughts for today, #209 …. “I’m Fed Up to the Ears”!!


~~August 9, 2015~~ 


Restrain your anger
And run to find some shelter
Flames and eruptions
Are there only reactions
Comrades and brothers
Are facing all the slaughter
They will not surrender
To them you are the offender
Stop all the blood
They’ve had enough
If you keep fighting
People will keep dying
There’s got to be another way
Without causing pain everyday
Vengeance and sorrow
Will be yearning tomorrow
Twenty more years remain
Until we can conquer their reign
It seems never ending
As it ends everything
When will you learn that
There are other ways to combat
There are only two outcomes here
And each of them is very severe
You can either rise victorious
And to them you will be glorious
But just as you can rise, you can fall a failure
After all that you had to endure
It’s not worth going through
when there are other things you can do

Carlos Villalobos©

October 2011


Family Friend Poems


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We ALL are ONE!! 


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