Something to think about …. “Always Protect Them”!!


~~August 18, 2015~~


All of them
or small.

Protection is needed
for them all.

No matter how minuscule
or how vast.

Only protection
will make them last.

They’re treated like things.
They’re treated like dirt.

Nobody seems to care
about how much they hurt.

Extinction, endangerment and cruelty
are all an issue.

I’m sure that if they could cry
tears of sadness and pain,
that wouldn’t ever have
enough tissues.

People need to stand up
and encourage animal’s rights.

No matter what,
we need to fight.

To fight for what we believe
the animals need.

Just stand up and
use our numbers
to take the lead.

We need to take the lead
for all the animals that on their own
can’t speak.

We need to help the ones
that can’t help themselves
because they are so weak.

It would save the world
one animal at a time.

And would also
really create a substantial
for this rhyme.

By Jasmine B., China, ME




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We ALL are connected through NATURE!!


We ALL are ONE!!


12 thoughts on “Something to think about …. “Always Protect Them”!!

  1. Hello doctor! I read this poem on your blog and found it very appealing… I m preparing my son to speak it in his recitation competition which is approaching soon…. The content and the concerned issue both are important…. But I am not being able to figure out what exactly the title of the poem is… Can you please help me out with this? I will b glad if you reply ASAP…

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  2. Dear Dr. Rex
    This is the second place I have found reference to this poem. My 9 year old is doing an English Project on Poems on Environment (Conservation & Preservation). The project requires her to write the poem and a page on the poet. The 4 poems we have selected are The world is too much with us (WW – Romantic movement), What we plant when we plant a tree (Henry Abbey), Final Warning (Rob Biden) and Animal Rights Poem (Jasmine B.). However, we are struggling to find ANY information whatsoever on Jasmine B. All I have been able to decipher is that she is from China, Maine. Is there any chance you know her and can connect me with her. I have tried writing to the TeenInk team for help as well but haven’t received any response. PLEASE HELP! This poem really needs to be put out there to the children. I shall be eternally grateful if you can connect me with her so I can get something of a biography from her.


    • Hi there!! First of all, thanks for stopping by and visiting this spot. I believe I found this poem the usual way I find topics … searching and surfing the net. I had forgotten about this. Thanks for bringing it back to my attention.
      I’ve been looking after reading your comment and don’t seem to fin anything related to Jasmine B .. 😦
      I’ve been looking on Google … I’e used the title of the poem, many options are coming up. I’ve been using the name … many options, not related to this Jasmine, are coming up either.
      Seems to be there’s not much about her out there like you have already noticed. I’ll keep looking …
      Sorry about not being that helpful in your search …. hugs … Peace!! __/l\__
      Please, keep me posted if you find anything … I wish you luck!!


      • Dear Dr. Rex
        Thanks so much for replying. I’ve been reading up your blog all day and I love how you express yourself. We are a completely animal loving family …. actually dog crazy is more like it. Although it’s difficult to find a movement like this in India, we have pockets and little strengths of like minded kindred spirits (as you’d say :D) who look out for those who can’t speak in the language we can – but who are far wiser and more intelligent in my opinion.
        I have managed to make some headway to locate the poet. I first had to figure out what China, ME meant and had reached out to the China, Maine town clerk. They have been so helpful. The poet(ess) is Jasmine Bumps from Maine and she’s an artist. I am about to send her a note to find out if the information is correct – it’s the best lead I’ve had so far. Will let you know for sure because I think you would both love to be connected.
        Peace and hugs 😀

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      • Wow!! You are quite the detective!! awesome … Thanks to YOU for writing back to me!!
        Hope you find her … I hope you don’t mind that there are times that I go off into political topics … I didn’t do that much before!
        I’m concerned about the future of this country and the world!
        Anyway … you’ve just given me a very much needed <>
        Peace … __/l\__ ❤


  3. Hello!!!

    I am just beside myself about how this came to be. I wrote this poem back when I was 12-13 years old for an English class project. Our task was to write a poem on a controversial topic that was important to us. The second part of the project was to upload it to an online writing forum for the public to read (I picked TeenInk). That was the end of it and I haven’t thought about it since! Now here we are about 10 years later and I get an email from Indira explaining how she found me and how excited she was to read my piece! The town clerk she spoke with knows me very well and actually used to be my basketball coach in middle school – she definitely contacted the right person to get to me!!! I’m so thrilled and honored that my work made it to the other side of the world and they were able to contact me. Dr. Rex- I give a huge thanks to you as well for posting my work on your page! Not only did Indira find my work, but I guess you did as well which makes this whole thing even more special to me. I have always had a passion for animal rights and for the longest time my goal was to become a Veterinarian to help animals that couldn’t help themselves. I volunteered at animal shelters, took Vet Terminology classes in high school and was on the right track. Once it was time to start applying to colleges and looking at the price tag that came along with the education, I changed my mind and I’m currently working toward a Culinary Arts degree (which I will graduate from next year). I’ve worked on developing my art and honing my skills over the years as my main hobby. I still volunteer at animal shelters, have lovely pets of my own as well as a family with 2 young children! I’m putting together an autobiography for Indira so that her daughter can use it for her project, but I just had to respond on here as well! THE MYSTERY IS SOLVED! The once little girl from a tiny town does exist It’s ME! and it is all so amazing. It warms my heart to know that this poem had made such an impact and is continuing to do so many many years later.

    -Jasmine Bumps

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    • WOW!!! I feel chills as I read your comment!! YOU have made my day …. I’m so happy to hear your story. I’m even happier that Indira reached out to me and I answered her inquiry. It would have been easy to ignore it and this ‘encounter’ wouldn’t have happened at all!! You never thought that ‘that little poem’ would still be alive … the amazing internet at work.
      I’m a retired physician. I’ve been retired for 4 years. What I have mostly done is blog, research for topics that may be educational and interesting. I really want to share the knowledge I have to anyone out there who wants to read and ‘listen’ … and plenty of times I sit here, at the PC, wondering if there’s anything that my blogging accomplishes. I really don’t know who’s out there and who could be reading. I often wonder if any lives are touched, changed or influenced for the good … this gives my intentions a new meaning.

      Jasmine B, from China, ME … you are amazing! I wish you success in all your future endeavors. I also thank you because you are willing to help Indira …. OMG!! I’m still amazed!! Hugs, peace, love …. __/l\__ ❤


      • I’m amazed as well, never in a million years did I expect someone to reach out to me about something that happened so long ago. It’s a bit scary that anybody can find me so easily, especially from so far away, but in this case I’m glad it was possible for her and her daughter! Good luck to everything you do as well, I’m currently in the process of opening up my food truck “The Jazz Wagon” next summer after I graduate, so maybe you’ll hear my name again in the future!

        ❤ ❤ !

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      • Maybe so!! Best wishes … good luck today and always!!
        When you say ‘so far away’ you mean Indira, correct? Because China, ME is in the US.
        BTW, I’m in Florida … so if I’m right, we are not that close but not that far away!!

        This is why I truly think and say that we are all interconnected!! We ALL one!! Hugs! ❤ … __/l\__


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