Thoughts for today, #216 …. “Strength and Confidence … always within”!!


~~August 20, 2915~~



Strength is not always,
Muscle and brawn,
But the feelings you have inside.

Strength is not just one thing,
But twenty things wrapped in one.
It is the strength of the mind,
Heart, and soul.
Not just the vanity,
We have all longed for.

When you understand strength,
As more than just brute,
Then you have truly become strong.
For power is obtained,
Through leadership and integrity,
Not the measure of your height and weight.

The smallest of silhouettes,
Can be mightier than giants,
With the true strength
Of the mind, body, and spirit.

Maverick Miranda




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We ALL are ONE!! 


1 thought on “Thoughts for today, #216 …. “Strength and Confidence … always within”!!

  1. This is so true. I often run across people who move, change partners, complain about their circumstances (if I had just this one thing) in the search of fulfillment when the power of peace, contentment is being at peace and accepting of one’s self, as is. To thy own self, be true.

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