To start the day …. “Partly Cloudy …. a job well done”!!


~~August 24, 2015~~ 


Where Babies Come From

The storks delivering babies are feverishly at work. The babies are made by the clouds. They are enveloped in a bag made of fluffy cloud material. Each stork has an assigned cloud.

There’s one cloud in particular who is very happy with her job but she creates the babies that may be a bit troublesome for the carrier stork.

The stork assigned to this “gray” cloud has had a few close calls.

Still the stork carries on.

She does the best she can and comes up with an idea for self-protection.

Take a look!




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Partly Cloudy is a Pixar CGI animated short film written and directed by Peter Sohn and produced by Kevin Reher. It was shown in theaters before Pixar’s feature film Up and is a special feature on its DVD and Blu-ray release.



All day long, cheerful clouds in the sky make cute and cuddly babies, such as human boys and girls, kittens, puppies, and other creatures, and give them to storks for delivery to the expectant parents.

However, one lonely gray cloud named Gus has the task of creating animals that are cute but not so cuddly.

His delivery stork, Peck, gets the worst of it, being bitten by a crocodile, butted by a bighorn sheep, and pricked by a porcupine.

When Peck sees that his next delivery is a baby shark, he grows more than a little fearful and flies away.

Feeling rejected, despondent, and angry, Gus unleashes a brief thunderstorm, then starts crying with rain pouring from below him. Peck, however, soon returns with a football helmet and shoulder pads, created for him by another cloud to keep him safe (alluded to in an earlier scene, where the same cloud creates a baby that would grow to love football).

Gus instantly cheers up and gives Peck an electric eel to deliver, which shocks him despite the protective equipment; this time, though, Peck remains in good (but slightly frazzled) spirits.


“As it appears in …. full read/full credit”


~~Partly Cloudy~~


Published on May 4, 2012

This is a sound post-production school project. I created my own soundtrack to this short movie from Pixar by recording amateur actors, creating new sound effects, choosing and editing music.


Music taken from:
“Horton Hears a Who” – John Powell
“Ice Age 2 – The Meltdown” – John Powell


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We ALL are ONE!! 


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