“Be careful then not to miss out on any of this incredible journey. ” …. be in the now!!

DEAR HUMAN - A New Way of Thinking

Dear Human,
Look at the pregnant universe.

Behold how she conceives, carries and gives birth to stars, suns, galaxies, and nebulas. Watch as she continues to make atoms, neurons, photons, particle matter and gravity. Observe and be amazed at how she is the originator and deliverer of everything. Even a human being.

Is it a tiny thing then, the labor of the universe giving birth to you the sentient being? Is any part of your unexplainable life consisting of consciousness small?


Every part of the human phenomena is profound. Each minute of being alive is one more chance to find and make meaning of life. All of your life events are food, meant to grow you, to expand your mind. Every extraordinary thing you can sense, imagine and co-create has value.

There is no bad experience to be had then is there, by being a product born forth from…

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