Something to think about …. “There was once a politician ….. “!!


~~August 27, 2015~~


There was once a politician ….

He promised to make a nation great again.

He was vague but said what they wanted to hear.

He would fight, no country would push him around.

He blamed foreigners and minorities. He scapegoated them.

He whipped people into a national frenzy!

… his name was Adolf Hitler.




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From a dear and beloved member of humanity.

Bear in mind, this is only a personal opinion.

 How do you deport 11 million people?

I mean how do you bring such an insidious plan to fruition?. I imagine it takes some organizing .. a plan.

I foresee the only “effective” mechanism is rooted in history.
Trump will prepare enough cattle car trains to transport 11 million.

While he rounds up the 11 million, he will need a place to intern them; not enough prisons. Yes, I see camps as his only option. Otherwise how else will he ensure the deportation?

Before that he will need a special police force to drag them out of their homes to transport to central camps.

In summary, he needs

1) special cops

2) trains

3) camps

Sounds familiar?

The only difference is the cops will have DT on their shirt lapels instead of SS and the train cars will all be embossed with 24 caract gold lettering reading “TRUMP“.

Any doubt he has a Nazi mindset?

Wasn’t that vile man whose name began with an H a megalomaniac too?


We ALL are ONE!! 


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