To start the day …. “Sheep in The Island, #1″!!


~~August 27, 2015~~ 


A short, animated film for adults. Not really for children.

Two ships collide in the middle of nowhere and sink in the ocean. An island can be seen nearby.

Two boxes make it safely to shore.

There’s one very hungry sheep who was in one of the boxes. She successfully makes it out of her box and finds a fork. She will use it, by all means. There’s no doubt about it.

She initially finds a frog which she quickly “terminates”.

Her sights are then on the other box.

It is here, that the action starts.

There’s a third box approaching the Island.

Wonder what it could have in it?

In the meantime, the scene switches to a dinning table.

Take a look.

Hope you enjoy!




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~~Sheep In The Island 1~~

~~Uploaded on Mar 19, 2009~~

Sheep In The Island 1: The first episode


We ALL are ONE!! 


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