Oh, my gosh …. “Kitty could have been the video star”!!


~~September 9, 2015~~ 


As I watched this video, I remember all the things Kitty has done that would perfectly fit with Cole and Marmalade’s antics.

We picked up Kitty from the street.

Plenty of times I wished we hadn’t.

She’s been quite the expensive cat.

By expensive I mean the repairs we’ve done to the household items she has gotten into like the blinds’ cords and the keyboard, telephone and cable cords.

She climbs, she hides, she runs, she wakes us up.

We got her an expensive “condo” which she hardly uses.

She ignores her toys, yet loves boxes and bags.

Anyway, in spite of thinking and saying we don’t want her anymore … she’s still here.

I think she will be!!




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Cole and Marmalade

~~Published on Oct 3, 2014~~

What do cats think about? Here are some funny examples of cat logic. 


We ALL are ONE!! 




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