Thoughts for today, #235 …. “Hypocrisy featured shamelessly”!!


~~September 9, 2015~~ 


Mike Huckabee, Ted Cruz VisitED Kim Davis, The Anti-Gay Marriage Clerk

Tell me which of the two candidates is worse.

They both did this to appeal to their political base and attempt an increasing in their dismal polling numbers. This is a blatant attempt to capitalize for their political gain. This is grandstanding and opportunistic.

“Poor” Kim doesn’t even realize it.

They have no shame.



(I have friends in the Netherlands and they know about her)

Eager to appeal to their social conservative base, GOP presidential contenders Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz headed to Kentucky on Tuesday, September 9, to meet with Rowan County clerk Kim Davis.

They may have missed their chance for a dramatic jailhouse visit, since the federal judge who put Davis behind bars for contempt of court last week ordered her immediate release on Tuesday.

But Huckabee appeared at a 3 p.m. rally on her behalf. The former Arkansas governor, who had urged his supporters to sign a “Free Kim Davis” petition, announced his plans to visit Davis last week.

Cruz was a bit slower out of the gate. The Texas senator announced that he would be meeting with the clerk who won’t sign marriage licenses for gay couples only shortly before the judge set her free.

The judge has also ordered Davis not to interfere with her deputy clerks, who began issuing marriage licenses to all couples in her absence.

Huckabee and Cruz, who have often rallied to social conservative causes, ardently oppose same-sex marriage. Both men have stressed the importance of religious liberty in their presidential campaigns.

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3 thoughts on “Thoughts for today, #235 …. “Hypocrisy featured shamelessly”!!

  1. This self-righteous broad is being used as a political prop……she knows it and she is thrilled to be the center of attention….if she was Muslim and did the same thing she would be held up to insults and ridicule…..this is all so damn silly it reeks! chuq

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