Something to think about …. “Syrian Refugees: Go back to What?”!!


~~September 14, 2015~~ 


Refugees of the Syrian Civil War, widely referred to as the Syrian refugees, are Syrian nationals, who have fled Syria with the escalation of the Syrian Civil War.

To escape the violence, more than four million Syrian refugees have fled the country to neighboring Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq, while thousands also ended up in more distant countries of the Caucasus, the Persian Gulf, North Africa and Europe. As of February 2015, Turkey has become the world’s biggest refugee hosting country with 2.1 million Syrian refugees and had spent more than US$6 billion on direct assistance to refugees.

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We ALL are ONE!! 


1 thought on “Something to think about …. “Syrian Refugees: Go back to What?”!!

  1. I want to hear that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are in favor of taking in more Syrian refugees than 10,000. There is a 2 year vetting process for a Syrian national to gain entrance to insure that the person has no terrorist ties. Many of these peoples are smart, well educated, speak French, English and Arabic. I can think of a few businesses that would love to hire these folks. Steve Jobs anyone? He is of Syrian descent.

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