Thoughts for today, #247 ….Pope Francis: “Will spend time with D.C.’s most vulnerable”!!


~~September 24, 2015~~ 


After addressing Congress, Pope Francis will eat his meal with the homeless
by Walter Einenkel

Francis will make by going directly to lunch with homeless people rather than with his congressional hosts after his speech on Capitol Hill will resonate on both sides of the aisle.

“He is a walking, talking parable,” said Carr. “This is a Pope who looks at the world from the bottom up and from the outside in. I think he brings to Congress and the White House a different perspective than they are used to hearing.”

The parable is clear. Pope Francis speaks to one of the most powerful groups of people in the world and then has dinner with the most invisible people in the world. There’s also something even more profound in it. By connecting this meal directly to his speech in front of Congress, he’s drawing a parallel to the Pharisees. A connection that no one wants made to them (regardless of your religious predilections).

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