To start the day … “Historic: Pope Francis addresses a Joint Meeting of Congress”!!


~~September 25, 2015~~ 


The 10 Most Political Moments In Pope Francis’ Address To Congress

Pope Francis speaks his mind, and he did that again in his address to a joint meeting of Congress Thursday morning, September 24, 2015. But, in the vein of the best Jesuit teachers, Francis praised America, its rich political history and its ideals before delicately delivering some things its political leaders might, well, want to consider working on.

Here were 10 moments that stood out from his address

Embracing John Kerry

A call to rise above polarization

A call for the country to open its arms to immigrants and refugees

A reminder on abortion

Strongly advocating for abolishing the death penalty

Poverty and the necessity of ‘distribution of wealth’

Business should be about “service to the common good”

Calling on Congress to act on climate change

Anti-war message and a call to stop arms trade

The importance of family and marriage


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The 10 Most Political Moments In Pope Francis’ Address To Congress



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For the full video from C-SPAN, click here


Pope Francis addresses Joint Session of Congress – FULL SPEECH (C-SPAN)


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~Pope Francis Visits Congress, Working Both Republicans & Democrats~

~Published on Sep 24, 2015~

Pope Francis spoke to the U.S. Congress on Sept. 24, a first in papal history. He managed to subtly (and at times not so subtly) appeal to Democrats and Republicans while making pleas on some of America’s most divisive topics. He must have had a good ghost writer.


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We ALL are ONE!!


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