Texas Police Stole Homemade Clock From Muslim Student Who They Handcuffed and Detained for Bringing Invention to School

This is another example of how America is showing its true face ….. This hasn’t new; it’s always been there. It remained “hidden” for so many years by the mask is coming off. It’s shameful and an embarrassment in the eyes of the world! SMH …. Good for Ahmed’s family!!

United States Hypocrisy

Ahmed Mohamed, being the young science and engineering prodigy that he is, thought nothing too unusual about bringing one of his inventions to school to show to one of his engineering teachers at MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas. After all, it was the beginning of his freshman year in high school, and what better way to get acquainted with his new instructors than by sharing with them his intellectual curiosities? It was this youthful innocence and perhaps even a bit of naivete which gave Ahmed the idea of bringing with him a homemade digital clock he’d made to school on Monday, September 14. Little did he know that such a benign act would have the potential to change the course of his life forever.

14 year-old inventor Ahmed Mohamed in his room 14 year-old inventor Ahmed Mohamed in his room

Ahmed’s day at school for the most part seemed to be going along as smoothly as any other day. The…

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1 thought on “Texas Police Stole Homemade Clock From Muslim Student Who They Handcuffed and Detained for Bringing Invention to School

  1. I was a high school teacher for 33 years , Miami, Florida. The school employees did the right thing. Even before the recent spate of school violence and shootings this would be proper protocol. The teachers and administration would have been roasted for neglect or even prosecuted for incompetence and jeopardizing the safety of everyone whether a mere science project or a real bomb. There is and outcry now as you post about. What would that outcry have been if it turned out to be an actual bomb ? All students should be aware of certain objects brought to school as no longer seemingly harmless or normal. Yes, it is a matter of conditioning as Xena presents. A conditioning to be sensitive to the realities of a dangerous world and for safety and for prudence in actions. Bin Laden changed America and the world just as he said he would. Obama’s reaction played to the “we are victims of the right’s” nonsense’ whiners.


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