Zimmerman …. “It would be such a pleasure to see you fade, fade, fade away”!!


~~September 38, 2015~~ 



Recently, I learned that George Zimmerman decided it would be fun to retweet Trayvon Martin’s dead body. Soulless.

Carla – on this page – suggested that whenever Zimmerman does that …. And he does it a lot because he seems to be a sociopath, the reply should be this.

A picture of the life he took. On his timeline. For all to see.

What he did then … COUPLED WITH WHO HE IS NOW … should be enough for everybody realize this isn’t a hero, this isn’t some guy with any remorse … he’s vile.

Support for this man should be a societal litmus test that you either pass or fail.

I do not wish him harm. I just wish him obscurity.

But until that happens – or until social media companies hold him to some sort of standard – he needs to be checked.

I thought this was a good idea.

~Steve Marmel~





Responding on Friday, September 18, 2015, to a fan on Twitter who called him a “one man army”, George Zimmerman retweeted out a picture of the body of Trayvon Martin as lay in the grass.

Twitter user @SeriousSlav tweeted out the photo, writing, “@TheRealGeorgeZ Z-Man is a one man army”

Since being acquitted by a jury in the slaying of Martin in 2012, Zimmerman’s life has been a series of run-ins with the police and altercations with his ex-wife and girlfriends who have accused him of assaulting them.

Zimmerman’s profile has been reduced lately to trolling people on Twitter and attempting to sell his artwork online.

“As it appears in .. full read/full credit”



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We ALL are ONE!! 


4 thoughts on “Zimmerman …. “It would be such a pleasure to see you fade, fade, fade away”!!

  1. Some people are better than me, I wish him pain. I wish he would acquire medical disabilities that would house bind him, bed bind him so he would spend the rest of his life in misery, in his own shit. I wish his caretakers to be those without compassion or empathy. I wish him bed sores. I could go on, but I won’t. I wish him a long life trapped in a body that doesn’t work, without the ability to speak, to protest or complain his treatment. That is what I wish for him.

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