A Gay Dad’s Note to the Pope: You Snubbed Us for Kim Davis? Really?

This is the perfect answer … this explains why this is important! Take a look …..

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davis and the pope

Last week, I invited the pope to join my family for dinner. It was largely a symbolic gesture, although, I had a house cleaning action plan and menu picked out should he have accepted.

It was not that I wanted him to meet my family specifically, but to actually sit face to face with a family like mine. My two sons were adopted out of foster care and situations that were life threatening and dire. Our family in the world of LGBT parents is not unique. A great number have tale after tale of kids who have gone from lives of potential abuse and neglect to homes where their parents love and honor them, and that their welfare is a priority. A Cambridge study showed, as a matter of fact, that the only family structured parenting unit that picked foster care aid as its top means of creating a…

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48 thoughts on “A Gay Dad’s Note to the Pope: You Snubbed Us for Kim Davis? Really?

  1. I just responded to a Mr. Stuart who is asserting that Kim Davis shouldn’t have to give up her job to honor her beliefs.

    Dear Mr. Stuart, People leave their jobs all the time due to ethical reasons. I did and others do it. She just did not want to give up her $80,000 annual salary which she probably could not get elsewhere. This was her Mom’s position.

    During the mortgage debacle, I know those who left their jobs because they could not live with the shady things that was being done in the name of greed.

    She is now doing what could have been done at the beginning which is to allow her clerks to issue the licenses who are not bound by the same value system.

    I do not believe Pope Francis would have acquiesced to this meeting if he was well informed as to the total set of circumstances surrounding this case. Also, Kim Davis is a practicing Apostolic Pentecostal Christian which does not believe in the Trinity.This is an important Catholic doctrine. Her parents were Catholic and so she knows this.

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      • NO!!1 I was not the only one who jumped all over Mr. Stuart. Here is what others wrote:

        Ben in oakland says:
        October 1, 2015 at 10:01 am
        The goal posts weren’t moved. she was still issuing exactly the same marriage licenses she was issuing before. She was not participating in a marriage, blessing it, or anything like it. she was certifying that legal requirements were met. And they were.

        she was given a choice by judge Bunning– to either issue licenses herself, or to allow her staff to do so. She refused on both counts. what about the freedom of religion of her staff? what about the freedom of religion of her gay clients? She was defacto establishing HER religious beliefs as the position of the government.

        All you are claiming is that Christians of her ilk– and yours– are not required to do their jobs, not required to serve the taxpayers that pay their salaries.

        It is very telling that the only time these so-called conscience exemptions seem to arise is when a certain class of so-called Christian is required to behave decently, amicably, and without prejudice towards gay people. Davis has had, I’m sure, absolutely no problem issuing licenses to atheists, demon worshipping hindus, jesus rejecting jews, false god worshipping Buddhists.

        I suppose you would also support a staunch catholic clerk refusing to issue a license to adulterous Kim Davis, since she is on her fourth marriage, and her first husband is still alive.

        nah. somehow, I don’t think you would support that. But then, she is heterosexual. They can do whatever they wish.

        Ben in oakland says:
        October 1, 2015 at 10:08 am
        I’m going to quote a friend of mine. He summarizes the falsity of this exactly;

        What Kim Davis is doing is not the free exercise of religion. She has no rights, religious or not to use her public position, to deny people something they are entitled to under the law.

        The right to attack the liberties of people is not one recognized under our laws whether one claims it is religiously inspired or not.

        Her name need not be on the document, that accommodation was already made. But evidently accommodation is not what she is looking for. She wants to maliciously deny rights to others with impunity. To keep anyone from issuing the licenses in her office.

        Your religious liberties do not allow you to commit human sacrifice because it is illegal under all laws secular or not. Neither is there a right to engage in polygamy or use certain narcotics as sacrament.

        To claim what she is doing is a form of religious freedom cheapens the concept to irrelevance. You don’t want freedom, you want to attack others with impunity. License to be malicious.

        Regan D. says:
        October 1, 2015 at 11:31 am
        Wrong, Stuart Hartley: Setting aside Davis’s own marital history, at NO time in her office EVER, did she put any other couples seeking a license to an invisible religious test for fitness to marry. Or meet her religious belief’s requirements.
        It’s not her job to. Not EVER.
        But suddenly she and many other religious people in public office or who have businesses serving the public, saved these religious tests ONLY for gay couples.
        Because they are the only ones who could be identified by a religious test, unlike other people. Other people, who would NOT put up with such behavior from a county clerk.
        Who would be fired, or impeached for behaving so inappropriately.
        There isn’t anything brave, moral or conscientious about her behavior.
        Especially since she was unwilling to lose her rather well paying gig to prove it.
        Instead, she imposed her will on her deputies, and altered the documents to render them invalid.
        That is religious tyranny. And our nation was founded precisely so that religion could not be required or enforced.
        THAT is what religious freedom is.

        Werner says:
        October 2, 2015 at 12:40 am
        And, once again, with Kim’s record on marriage, adultery and children out of wedlock your argument is moot. Try not to make yourself look so stupid.

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  2. The Pope’s meeting on 9/23 with Kim Davis was like being in a long line with lots of peoples at Disney waiting their turn to meet Mickey for a photo op. An actual meeting was with a gay man on 9/22/15. (I feel better. This confirms my gut feelings that this meeting belied what he had been saying and that it was not the whole story.)

    This is hot off the press from 10/2/15 Washington Post:

    Yayo Grassi, an openly gay man, brought his partner and several friends to a brief meeting with Pope Francis on Sept. 23, the day before the pope met with Kim Davis.

    Grassi and a small group of people met with Pope Francis at the Vatican Embassy on Sept. 23, according to a video that was provided to The Washington Post by a friend of a friend of Grassi’s. The video shows Grassi embracing the pope and introducing him to the other guests.

    “We’ve taken up too much of your time,” Grassi says in Spanish. “No, by God, thanks for coming by,” the pope replies.

    A Vatican spokesperson confirmed that the meeting took place.

    “Mr. Yayo Grassi, a former Argentine student of Pope Francis, who had already met other times in the past with the Pope, asked to present his mother and several friends to the Pope during the Pope’s stay in Washington, DC,” the Rev. Thomas Rosica, an English-language spokesman for the Vatican, said in a statement. “As noted in the past, the Pope, as pastor, has maintained many personal relationships with people in a spirit of kindness, welcome and dialogue.”

    In an interview with CNN, Grassi said the meeting was arranged by the pope in an e-mail in the weeks before the trip. Grassi said that the pope taught him in literature and psychology classes in high school in Argentina from 1964-1965, according to CNN.

    “Grassi said the Pope has long known that he is gay, but has never condemned his sexuality or his same-sex relationship,” CNN reports. Grassi told the network he and his partner also met the pope in Rome last year.

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    • I’ve been reading about this information. I understand … still think damage control won’t be too effective with the LGBT community. Won’t work in my heart either …. sad to say!


  3. I get the LGBT COMMUNITY (including you) being turned off with what they believed was a more welcoming religious leader. I am looking at this from another point of view in that this young gay man has been befriended by Pope Francis for years and they have met on other occasions.I am suspecting that a Vatican hardliner (they exist in droves) arranged for this encounter without the Pope’s full understanding of the circumstances. I am guessing that the young gay man came forward when he probably would have preferred his privacy, because he felt that Pope Francis was not being given a fair shake with this story..

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  4. OKAY!! This is final. NPR on 10/2/15 is reporting:”Sylvia adds that the Rev. Thomas Rosica, English language assistant at the Holy See Press Office, says that Francis may not have understood “the impact” a visit with Davis might have in the U.S.; Rosica also says the group that included Davis was selected by the nunciature, the Vatican’s diplomatic office in D.C.”

    The Nunciature is the gentleman that you mentioned, Carlo Maria Vigano as the Apotolic Nunciature who was assigned by Pope Benedict XVI. Yes, he is the definition of a hardliner.

    The address and phone number: 3339 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, DC 20008
    (202) 333-7121

    Again. thanks for your invaluable input in solving this mystery.

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  5. Dear Horty, You really need to do this story. I found the smoking gun. I am 100% convinced that Pope Francis was set up by this Carlo Vigano. I just sent you an email on this. Please let me know if you definitely will not do this blog.

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      • Just looked at your email. You only sent link about the meeting with gay couple … what are you suggesting that I do? Investigate about this visit & Ms. Kim?


      • NO!! I also sent an email with references and explanation. The 1st reference is to a 1/27/12 Reuters article that details about Carlo Vigano writing a letter to Pope Francis begging for his job back (Vatican Bank). This request was denied. This letter was leaked to the press which would be horribly embarrassing… This gives Carlo Vigano a motive to not wish the Pope well. Then there is a 2nd ref to a 8/27/15 Buzz Feed article about a letter sent to Carl Vigano from Catholic LGBT members, complaining about an Illinois Bishop not allowing entry of LGBT children into Catholic schools. Here is the gist: “This is clearly the rejection of children of same-sex couples and contradicts the welcome that all should experience in our church,” wrote leaders of the LGBT Catholic organization Dignity USA, in a letter protesting the policy to the pope’s representative to the United States, Apostolic Nuncio Carlo Maria Viganò. The group noted that the pope has said that baptism should not be denied to the children of same-sex couples and the same logic should dictate welcoming these children into Catholic schools without unreasonable barriers.

        This was less than one month prior to the Pope’s US VISIT.

        I have resent this email.

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      • I have to look again … The email I read last night only had one link.
        Still on the fence about anything related to this topic.
        I will look but …. ?? Will let you know.


  6. I found the following in Wikipedia:

    A Reuters report states Vigano was unwilling to move to Washington.

    One of the letters leaked by Benedict’s butler in 2012 revealed a clash between Bertone and Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano. Vigano went over Bertone’s head and wrote a letter to Benedict complaining of corruption in the Vatican. Bertone later transferred a reluctant Vigano to Washington.[7]

    On 13 August 2011, the Secretary of State informed Viganò that Pope Benedict wished to appoint him Nuncio to the United States,[8] an appointment published on 19 October 2011. Vigano became the 14th papal representative to the United States since the creation of the post in 1893 and the fifth to serve as a diplomatic representative accredited to the government since bilateral diplomatic relations were established in 1984.

    In contrast to the Reuters report quoted above, Vigano said that being Apostolic Nuncio to the United States is an “important, vast and delicate” task; he was grateful to Pope Benedict for entrusting him with the mission and he felt called to renew his “trust in the Lord, who asks me to set out again”. Being an Apostolic Nuncio, he said, is “a call to know this people, this country and come to love them”.[9] Archbishop Viganò chose 19 October for the announcement because it is the feast of the North American Martyrs.

    On September 24, 2015 during his first visit to the United States of America, Pope Francis met Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk whose refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples made her a heroine to social conservatives in the U.S. On October 2, 2015, the Rev. Thomas Rosica, a Vatican spokesman, said that the office of Archbishop Viganò had extended the invitation to Kim Davis and that the pope was probably not briefed about her case. Chief Vatican spokesman the Rev. Federico Lombardi depicted the meeting between Pope Francis as one meet-and-greet among many.

    NY TIMES HAS REPORTED ON THIS MAN, YESTERDAY. I’ll forward to you the article.

    In 2016, he turns 75 and can retire. It seems that his resignation can be ignored but I am guessing that this will not be the case in this instance.

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  7. Here is an excerpt to the NY Times article:Mr. Staver (lawyer to Kim Davis) said a conservative deacon, Keith Fournier, introduced him to Archbishop Viganò back in April before speaking at a National Organization for Marriage rally on the Washington Mall in opposition to same-sex marriage. As Mr. Staver descended from the stage, Archbishop Viganò made a point to “thank me for my message,” the lawyer said.

    Archbishop Viganò, a cultural conservative born into a wealthy family in Varese, received the title of archbishop from John Paul II in 1992. He later joined the church’s diplomatic corps, which is one of the traditional sources of power in the Vatican, and in 2009 was installed by Pope Benedict XVI as secretary of the governorate of Vatican City State, a position not unlike the mayor of Vatican City (until he lost this job).

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