Something to think about …. “Create a world …. as it should be”!!


~~October 1, 2015~~ 


What Nature Suffers

Open drainage systems.

Human begins do not realize
Struggling and surviving human prefers

One day, Nature will surely suffer.

Factories & industries releases harmful gases,
Unaware human being still careless
What will happen to the world?
This is my concern for tomorrow’s world.

Increasing automobiles on rise
release dangerous carbon mono-oxide ,
contributing pollution in day to day life
Spoiling nature, destabilizing life,

Let rise to occasion and minimize the pollution,
Save the nature and avoid congestion,
If nature continue to suffers,
Generation next shall curse their mentors.

Let’s pledge, not to play with nature more,
Plant more trees, save pollution and be assured,
Nature will pay back all the dividends,
Giving generation next, a healthy and safe land.

© Anshul Bidwai



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We ALL are ONE!! 


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