It’s time …. “Demand A Plan to End Gun Violence”!!


~~October 3, 2015~~ 


Another mass shooting in America‘: Oregon killings a grim familiarity for US

The US is reeling from another school shooting, the 45th this year, after a 26-year-old gunman murdered as many as nine people and wounded seven more at a community college in Oregon before he was killed.


Hours after the killings, President Obama clearly agitated at making his 15th statement on shootings since taking office, said: “There’s been another mass shooting in America” and spoke of the country being numbed by the repeated massacres.

“As I said just a few months ago and I said a few months before that and each time we see one of these mass shootings, our thoughts and prayers are not enough.

It does nothing to prevent this carnage being inflicted some place in America, next week or a couple of months from now,” the president said. “Somehow this has become routine.”


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~Demand A Plan to End Gun Violence~

~Published on Dec 21, 2012~

Demand A Plan is a campaign of Everytown for Gun Safety

Notice that this video was uploaded in 2012.

It’s been three years since the Everytown campaign enlisted all of these celebrities to reinforce the need to work on a plan to control, maybe even end, gun violence.

To this day, nothing has been done.

What needs to happen to move the “powers that be” into action?

As always, I’m left wondering.



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We ALL are ONE!!


9 thoughts on “It’s time …. “Demand A Plan to End Gun Violence”!!

      • People get so emotional when these tragedies occur and rightly so. But in an effort to do something, that something seems undefinable and elusive. The talk becomes meaningless. Drive-bys are so frequent in Miami it seems some never make the evening news and hardly a footnote in the morning’s paper. My children and grandchildren survived five different ones. Every child in Miami grows up knowing that they may be next or that their schoolmate may not be there tomorrow. What irritates me about the matter is that we now get another “national conversation ” by the news anchors, commentators, politicians(easy talking point for them) and pundits which attempt to indict an entire society and paint the entire nations as a lawless hell hole. On the other hand the people that live in the inner cities of America feel exactly that way.

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  1. Maybe its not just the guns. Am I wrong or is it mainly young, white males who are the lone gun men? Maybe a closer look at this sub group will give us a better understanding of what is driving this. Is there a merging of the virtual world with its indiscriminate violence and the real world where the loner is isolated, and quickly losing touch with reality? Do they confuse the power associated with killing in a game to a means of “winning” in the real world? Are the rest of us nothing more than points to be counted? To stop this violence I think we have to look for trends in the data, not just a banning of guns. Please don’t misunderstand me, I am not a gun advocate. I do not own a gun. Its just that as long as a big percentage of the population fears their government, they will NEVER consent to a change the gun laws without a revolt. I think our only hope is to address the psychosis that is the phenomena of young white men becoming “lone gunmen”.


    • I totally understand you, no worries. I agree with the many valid points you’ve mentioned. I think it’s a multi-factorial problem. To me, the “virtual world” plays a big role, family life does too. It’s totally daunting to try to address the many factors. Yet, it needs to start somewhere. I don’t think there are easy solutions .. and I don’t see any decrease in violent deaths any time soon. This is a huge problem …. IMHO!
      Thanks for you comment. Deeply appreciated! Peace …


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