Something to think about …. “Who is a strong person?”!!


~~October 15, 2015~~ 


Life is hard … but a strong person
knows how to keep their life in order.
Even with tears in their eyes,

they still manage to say ” I’m OK ” with a smile.

These people were raised right;  maybe told a lie or two.

Never grew up saying awful words.

“If I ever did that I’d never see daylight”.
There are many things in life to mess up.

The biggest one is your life.

Many ways to mess up.

It’s not about coloring inside the lines.
Not about getting it right the first try.

No one is perfect it takes time.

A strong person would get up
and brush themselves off after being knocked down.

They know when to give up a fight.

You can beat them and they won’t fight back.

A strong person keeps their promises.
” I was told to never make a promise you can’t keep.”

Breaking a promise is like breaking a heart hard to fix,
cutting yourself on the lies and peaces.

A strong person always stands by their family’s side no matter what.

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We ALL are ONE!! 


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