Thoughts for today, #275 …. “Always Speak Boldly …. “!!


~~October 29, 2015~~ 


“What ever happened to creativity?

What ever happened to the passion?

What ever happened to speaking ones mind?

I’ll tell you what happened.

The kids aged, but never grew up.

A baby can whine if it does not like something because it doesn’t know better.

What’s your excuse?

Stop getting offended whenever the wind blows your hair the wrong way!

We will get nowhere if we continue to avoid truths to avoid offense.

Speak your mind and do not be afraid of stepping on toes. The truth can be ugly, and that’s what makes it so beautiful. Speak your mind, but don’t take this as a chance to lose respect either.

Always keep respect.

If someone then still claims to be offended, it is not because of you, nor is it your fault.

They simply don’t like the taste of the bittersweet truth.”

~Caitlyn Paige~




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We ALL are ONE!! 


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