Something to think about …. “The Power of a Woman …. end of story”!!


~~November 5, 2015~~ 


The empowerment of a woman begins within herself,
if that woman loves herself;
she has that authority to love anyone she chooses.

The power of a woman becomes even stronger
when she finds herself and knows who she is;
and doesn’t let anyone tell her otherwise.

The power of a woman can make her strong enough
to stand on her own two feet; and finally that women is independent .
She will not be afraid to ask for help or help herself.

The power of a woman is stronger then the grip of a
lions teeth when his prey is in his mouth.

The power of a woman is a power no man could live without ,
because without a women there can be no man.

The power of a woman is endless;
so stand tall, and represent for all the women in the world.

© Tiffany Mitchell

Dedicated to: Women all over the world




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We ALL are ONE!! 


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