Thoughts for today, #280 … “Expectations Kill … a sad reality”!!


~~November 6, 2015~~ 


To expect is to believe or think that something will happen or someone will arrive.
To expect is to wish or wait for something that would or would not happen.
To expect is to long for something untouchable, someone out of reach.
To expect is to look for a sightless one.
To expect is invisible.
To expect is hope.

Your expectation is believing that “Us” will happen and

Our Time” will arrive.
Your expectation is wishing and waiting for an impossible chance.
Your expectation is longing for an unreachable touch, unreachable kiss.
Your expectation is an unreachable love.
Your expectation is looking for a sight of an illusion.
Your expectation is killing.
Your expectation is killing you.

If expectation is belief …. I believe in letting it go.

It will come around back to me if it’s meant to be mine.

If expectation is a wish….
I wish for only the best and happiness to you and those that you love and love you .

If expectation is longing..
I will long for you silently in all my brightest days and all my darkest nights.

If expectation is looking ….
I will be looking forward just to hear you, see you and feel you from my longest distance.

If expectation is an invisibility ….
I wish you to feel me and see me with your heart only,
When the night falls, you’re all alone by yourself and dreaming, that’s the moment of “us” right there, where our hearts lie.

If expectation is hope ….
I hope that we will meet again, no matter how long it would take.
I’ll give you the best hug I have …. the best kiss I can

…. and the best love I make.

Finally, if expectation kills ….
Let’s us drop this expectation, move on our life the way we both are supposed to.
I will live a happy life since I have met …. I have done ….

I have found and I have known what the “Right ” is all about.

by Cazy001





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We ALL are ONE!! 




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