Something to think about …. “Get The Priorities Straight, Damn It”!!


~~November 10, 2015~~


Starbucks Wages War Against Christians


A satirical take on the Starbucks Red Cup CONtroversy ginned up by CONservatives …

Starbucks should be ashamed for their decision to remove Christ from the red cup design this holiday season.

According to Michael Cantrell of The

Apparently, for many people, the switch-up from white cups to red cups is a Christmas tradition, an indication the holiday season is upon us, but preserving the spirit of the season doesn’t seem to be on the company’s radar, although appeasing the PC Police and making sure no one’s delicate feelings are hurt certainly is.

Yes, because Christmas has CHRIST in it — and technically, since it is about His birth, it’s a day that really should be focused on Him — that makes it super offensive to the liberal crowd who simply can’t tolerate that Jesus character.”


I mean, really Starbucks, no snowflakes, gingerbread man, white dove, Christmas tree, or snowman to remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ who died for our sins.

Who do you think you are, Starbucks?

Jesus should always come before capitalism and the free market.

There are no Constitutional rights when it comes to our Lord and Savior Jesus.

You know what you are, Starbucks?

You are a weak minded, politically correct, liberal communist.

You are the Devil.


Thank you Lord, for the almighty blessing of Joshua Feuerstein, and for blessing him with the bravery to inform us parishioners about Starbucks anti-Christ behavior, and for leading the boycott.

Let’s shame Starbucks for being dismissive and for lacking the courage to recognize Jesus is our savor.

We Christians have a right to religious freedom.

Christ deserves more than this year’s lackluster red cup, with no Christmas design.

It’s absolutely disgraceful that Starbucks would have the audacity to rage a war against Christians.


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