Resonating Thoughts #2 …. “Declare PEACE: Someone Has to Do It”!!


~~November 16, 2015~~ 


Declare World Peace

One syllable, five letters, containing so much grace.
You’d think each single soul would find it easy to embrace.
Whispered in the darkness by those who live in fear.
Shouted from the mountaintops for everyone to hear.

Elusive as the wind that blows it often slips away.
Leaving in its shadow, pain and sorrow in the fray.
Let us join together as we call for war to cease.
Let us all agree to all declare we want world peace.

In every corner of the world in every language known.
Speak the words of peace in every country, every zone.
Add your voice until we drown the noise of hate and war.
Until the sound of peace becomes a loud and thunderous roar.

~Samia Arroyo~



Definition of “resonating”

Evoke a feeling of shared emotion or belief ….




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We ALL are ONE!! 


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