Something to think about …. “Numbers don’t lie …. “!!


~~January 6, 2016~~ 


There is no denying the data that has been compiled by groups and independent agencies.

Reports have been circulating.

I’m not against policemen; I’m not pro-criminal.

I’m pro justice, equality and value of human life.

I do believe that these numbers are way too high.

There’s a major need to look into this situation ASAP and take action to correct it.

This is a very serious matter.



As of December 31st, 2015, Law Enforcement Agencies across The United Slaves States Of AmeriKKKlan has taken the lives of One Thousand One Hundred & Ninety Nine (1,199) Humans.

Justified or not.

Armed or UNARMED.

Visit the official website of  “Killed By Police” to keep updated on the total number of citizens Law Enforcement Kills Yearly.

“As it appears in … full credit/full read”

Courtesy of  The Militant Negro

For full information, data, videos

One Thousand One Hundred & Ninety Nine (1,199) Humans Killed By Police In 2015





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We ALL are connected through HUMANITY!!


We ALL are ONE!! 


4 thoughts on “Something to think about …. “Numbers don’t lie …. “!!

  1. This tragedy effects each of us every single day so your post is a very important one. I have commented on posts like this one so often as of late. Like all of your other posts this one is SPOT ON! As you know I live in the country and am more afraid of law enforcement vehicles driving slowly by my house than I am of unfamiliar cars driving slowly by house.

    All the good and caring law enforcement officers just as all the good and caring teachers should stand up and police our own. It’s time to separate the bad from the good. It’s time to treat law enforcement officers who ignore the law as we do any other criminal except with this caveat…..when.people trust you and you harm them then the punishment should be more severe.

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  2. We very rarely have incidences when police shoot citizens – the everyday cops don’t routinely wear guns when on patrol. Normally we have a special group – the Armed Defenders Squad that gets called in for any incidences involving guns. They are highly trained in those situations. Should there be a police shooting then there are so many enquiries and should the officer be at fault he is disciplined within the police force as well as a prosecution proceeding. There have been a few private prosecutions too.

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