Thoughts for today, #307 .… “#OregonUnderAttack …. “!!


~~January 4, 2016~~ 


I am no expert in the laws of the land.

I have basic values and ideas.

I have a good sense of what is wrong and what is right.

Since when does anyone stop obeying the laws of this country? Since when do militias run among the many, carrying their grade “A” weapons and take over a federal installations?

I thought that happened in war-torn countries!

When I last checked, there was no “overt” war with military operation in this country.

Before posting this information, I’ve been looking at other bloggers’ posts and it seems to me that the above graph explains it to a “T”.

I will post links here to two excellent posts that will explain better than I could why this is happening.

Of course,  there will be differing opinions.

I accept that.

However, no matter what, I will not accept that any group of armed men have the option to invade and take what they deem theirs by force.




From an excellent article on Esquire:

This is another step down the road that leads to the broken shell of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City … There is a constituency for armed rebellion in this country that is larger than any of our respectable political and social institutions want to admit. It is fueled by reckless, ambitious people who engage in reckless, ambitious rhetoric ….

It does us no good to ignore what is going on in this obscure little corner of the Pacific Northwest. It does us no good to refuse to hold to account the politics that led to this, and the politicians who sought to profit from it.

It does us no good to deny that there is a substantial constituency for armed sedition in this country, and to deny the necessity of delegitimizing that constituency in our politics, and the first step in that process is to face it and to call it what it is.

~Lady Grey~



Lady Grey


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Padre Steve

Insurrection in Oregon

Red Power Media


We ALL are ONE!!



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We ALL are ONE!! 


3 thoughts on “Thoughts for today, #307 .… “#OregonUnderAttack …. “!!

  1. I am hoping that the press gives these law breaking thieves and trespassers minimal coverage in this forlorn land. Law enforcement should just sit back and let them enjoy the scenery. After, they leave the area, then arrest them without the option of bail and with no fanfare.

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