At the end of the day …. “The Other Side Of Adele’s “Hello”!!


~~January 5, 2016~~ 

The Other Side Of Adele’s “Hello”

I’ve found so many covers and skits related to Adele’s hit song “Hello”.

This is another one of them.

Laughter is the best medicine.

This is confirmation.

Hope you enjoy!



See How Painfully Awkward the Other Side of Adele’s “Hello” Conversation Really Was

There have been some very funny mash-ups and parodies of Adele’s “Hello” video and song, but this one (a late entry into the field) wins points for its humorous portrayal of what it would really be like to be caught up in that phone call with the singer.

In the video, a man in the middle of a work meeting gets interrupted by a call from his ex, Adele. Uh-oh. He tries to put her into voicemail, but Adele is pretty persistent when she’s pouring out her heart for you. “I don’t understand why she didn’t send an email at 3 a.m. like a normal person?” he wonders.

Because drunk 3 a.m. emails to exes are this generation’s Wuthering Heights. 

It’s true! No one calls people anymore.

Also, this guy has some serious concerns about what’s going on with Adele during this phone call. “It sounds like you’re calling from the middle of a wind storm!” the man says in the video. “Go inside!”


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Heather Rooney

We ALL are connected through HUMANITY!!



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We ALL are ONE!! 


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