At the end of the day …. “Celine Dion: Vole”!!


~~January 20, 2016~~ 


“tu me manques”

I’m still feeling the loss of René Angélil, Céline Dion’s husband.

I can barely begin to image how she feels deep inside.

To those who followed her growth as a professional, her amazing career, the presence of René was immense. He was the creator, the protector, the guide, the inspiration. He was the love of her life.

This song was once dedicated to her niece Corrine who died quite young.

I can’t help but think that Céline is telling René to fly and

“Go find the light”.




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Fly, fly little wing
My sweet, my swallow
Go far, go in peace
Let nothing here hold you back
Join the heavens and freedom
Leave us, leave the earth
Leave your unhappy exterior
Change your world.

Fly, fly little sister
Fly my angel, my pain
Leave your body and us
So your suffering finally ends.

Go rejoin the other shore
The one of flowers and laughter
The one you yearned for so much
Your life from childhood

Fly, fly my love
Since what is ours is too burdensome
Since nothing relieves you
Fly to your last journey
Leave your exhausted hours
Fly, you deserve it
Become a breath, become a dove
So you can fly away

Fly, Fly little flame
Fly my angel, my soul
Leave your skin of unhappiness
Go find the light



“The void can’t be measured”

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Celine Dioin

~~Published on May 7, 2012~~



Celine Dion – on Oprah

~~Published on Sep 10, 2012~~

Dedicated to her niece Corrine

We ALL are connected through MUSIC!! 


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We ALL are ONE!! 


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