Thoughts for today, #322 .… “Will It Really Matter?”!!


~~January 26, 2016~~ 


I was going through a bit rough emotional time this past Sunday.

A message was read in my presence which contained a reference to me – one particular sentence really got to me.

This has been part of an emotional roller coaster that a dear friend went through and I was caught in the crossfire.

I felt myself getting all fired up, offended and angry.

Some friends tried to tell me that it wasn’t worth it.

In my heart I knew that they were correct.

Yet I felt I had to go through the raw emotions and feelings.

This graphic came through my Timeline and it hit the spot.

I knew, right then and there, that synchronicity was at work one more time.

This was exactly the message I needed.

I asked myself “the question”.

I realized it wouldn’t even take six months to realize it didn’t matter.

I let it go! 




David Avocado Wolfe


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We ALL are ONE!!


4 thoughts on “Thoughts for today, #322 .… “Will It Really Matter?”!!

  1. Wow I love that. I used to say to my girl what I’ve learned about those little upsets is next year you won’t even care about it I promise. She said to me the other day mom you remember all those times you said that thing I was upset about wouldn’t matter now SHE SAID YOU WERE RIGHT! Yay! I can say I give great advice but following it is a walk of patience faith and wisdom applied. This is beautiful wisdom you shared and I love that. I love your art graphic so perfect and timely. It is this thinking that has helped me let go of the trivial I sometimes am tempted to let upset me. I’m always happy when I make it through another trail. 😄❤️

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