To start the day …. “Banksy’s Latest Artwork …. “!!


~~January 26, 2016~~ 


Banksy is an English-based graffiti artist, political activist and film director whose real identity is unknown.

His satirical street art and subversive epigrams combine dark humor with graffiti executed in a distinctive stenciling technique. His works of political and social commentary have been featured on streets, walls, and bridges of cities throughout the world. Banksy’s work grew out of the Bristol underground scene, which involved collaborations between artists and musicians.

Observers have noted that his style is similar to Blek le Rat, who began to work with stencils in 1981 in Paris. Banksy says that he was inspired by “3D”, a graffiti artist who later became a founding member of Massive Attack, an English musical group.

Banksy displays his art on publicly visible surfaces such as walls and self-built physical prop pieces.

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~Criticizes France’s Treatment Of Refugees~

A new interactive work by Banksy criticizing the alleged use of tear gas in a refugee camp in France appeared outside the French embassy in London, but it was then quickly boarded up.

The mural, the latest in a series of works by the anonymous artist drawing attention to the migrant crisis in Europe, depicts what’s believed to be a young Cosette from the original “Les Misérables” Broadway poster with tears streaming down her face above a canister of tear gas.

The artwork also features a QR code for mobile phones that guides viewers to a seven-minute video that appears to show French riot police using tear gas during a raid in early January in a migrant hot spot called “the Jungle” in the port town of Calais.


While authorities have been moving to clear an estimated 2,000 refugees out of the makeshift camp, a Calais police spokesman denied tear gas was ever used, telling the Guardian,

“It’s not in our interest to use tear gas unless it’s absolutely necessary to restore public order, and it is never used in the camp itself.”

The building’s owners began covering the mural with wooden planks shortly after it was discovered early Sunday to preserve it, BBC News reported.



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Known for provocative, politically charged guerrilla street art, Banksy has put the refugee crisis in Calais front and center recently with works including a mural of Steve Jobs painted on a wall of the camp.

Jobs is the son of a Syrian migrant.

Last year, Banksy said he would repurpose lumber and material from his Dismaland anti-theme park in the U.K. to build shelters in Calais.

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~Banksy’s Latest Artwork Criticizes France’s Treatment Of Refugees~

~Published on Jan 25, 2016~

Street artist Banksy has been taking on the issue of Europe’s handling of the ongoing refugee

From a fan:

I love Banksy’s artwork.

It’s amazing that he exposes these situations that some people just brush off their shoulder as if it meant nothing.

Great video.


We ALL are ONE!! 


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