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~~February 1, 2016~~ 


Woody Guthrie was a singer-songwriter, and one of the legendary figures of American folk music

Woody Guthrie wrote more than 1,000 songs, including “So Long (It’s Been Good to Know Yuh)” and “Union Maid.” After serving in WWII, he continued to perform for farmer and worker groups.

This Land Is Your Land” was his most famous song, and it became an unofficial national anthem. His autobiography, Bound for Glory (1943), was filmed in 1976. His son Arlo also achieved success as a musician.

While Guthrie passed away of complications from his Huntington’s Chorea on October 3, 1967, his musical legacy remains firmly cemented in American history. A generation of folk singers inspired by Guthrie in the 1950’s and 1960’s went on to fuel some of the most dramatic social change of the century.

Despite his folk hero status, Guthrie was modest, and was known for playing down his own creative genius.

“I like to write about wherever I happen to be,” he once said. “I just happened to be in the Dust Bowl, and because I was there and the dust was there, I thought, well, I’ll write a song about it.”



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