Respect Award …. “Nominated by Dear Kitty. Some blog …. “!!

Clarion Alley 2012

Clarion Alley 2012

~~February 11, 2016~~ 


Thanks to Dear Kitty, Some blog “It Is What It Is” has been nominated for the Respect Award.

You can find Dear Kitty here:

It’s always an honor and very humbling to be recognized for something that you do with heart and dedication.

Thank you for this kind gesture!


The “Respect Award” is a personal award, made by Robert Goldstein, for fellow bloggers who consistently reach out to other bloggers, offer support, are kind, struggle to understand differences in people, and who treat themselves and other people with kindness and respect.

You don’t have to do anything for this award.

You can choose to copy the Award Picture and give the award to the people who have earned your respect or you can do nothing.

This is a way of saying thank you.

You have earned my respect.



My nominees for the Respect Award

Nina Yin

Carol Campbell

Brian F

Sir Jeremy F

Coach – “Good Time Stories”

Barbara M

Gronda Morin


Digital Gatherings

Just Patty






Robert Goldstein


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#WeAllAreOne #ItIsWhatItIs #DrRex #HortyRex #hrexachwordpress


We are ALL connected by this web we WEAVE!! 


We ALL are ONE!! 


17 thoughts on “Respect Award …. “Nominated by Dear Kitty. Some blog …. “!!

      • Dear Horty, I am a complete nincompoop. If you knew how non-proficient I am on the computer, you’d be in shock. For example, I do not know how to place the videos that you place in your blogs, which I love by the way. Xena has my user name and password for wordpress, so she can rescue me occasionally.

        When I saw the list above, I thought that we were nominated but that from the list, someone would be selected for the award.But I knew you had earned the well deserved “respect award.” and thus, I congratulated you.

        I originally thought the same with the award list on Xena’s blog. I caught on that I had also been awarded when I noticed all the other bloggers on her list, thanking her for their award.

        Under no circumstances would I do anything to hurt your feeling. (Not even for a million dollars.) I am very fond of you and I admire your work tremendously.

        Please forgive me for messing up big time.

        With lots of Hugs, Onda/ Gronda.


      • Hey, sweet friend …. no worries. No harm done, no hurt feelings at ALL! LOL … lots of hugs back to you!! To clarify …. YOU are recipient of this award too!! This is yours too!! 🙂
        I’m not that proficient either … I’ve learned slowly. Inserting the videos is a walk in the park. So is inserting the galleries.
        I’d gladly teach you how to do it!! Really …. it only needs a few real time phone calls to walk you through it. I’m willing if you are.
        I often wondered .. with your trips and all the pics you take, your trip posts would be even nicer (they are awesome by the way), if you could insert them all in a “gallery”.
        Another thing … you can also create a gallery on the side of your blog with the awards you have received. In fact you could create any sort of gallery with any theme (ex. Stop Violence on Women) … that you’d want.
        I’m here … if you need me, dear nincompoop!! Hadn’t heard that word in a long time.
        Hugs. hugs, hugs!! ❤


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