Something to think about …. “Bowie Quote”!!


~~February 23, 2016~~ 


Please, excuse the language. I’m sharing “verbatim”.

Sometimes words like this one are needed.

I must say that I agree with David.

What we see nowadays is a generation of “instant gratification”.

Some things in life are superficial, inconsequential and lack the intent to build for the future.

This makes me feel glad that I am as old as I am.




Educate Inspire Change


… attention span …

the length of time during which someone is able to think about or remain interested in something


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We ALL are ONE!! 


7 thoughts on “Something to think about …. “Bowie Quote”!!

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  2. I agree, but don’t agree with you, Horty. We are certainly in the “Age of Gratification.” Yet I think the majority of people have always been shallow (stupid)… in every generation. We just don’t remember them, like we don’t remember the Conservatives of any generation. Hey… is that a coincidence? I notice that religious-right Conservatives are fearful of knowledge and education. I think it’s part of the overall dull-wittedness problem. As a counterweight, however, they never forget to vote.

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