To start the day …. “Some of the many reasons for loving Adele”!!


~~February 23, 2016~~ 


This morning I needed a little bit of a pick up.

Things are OK but sometimes, some sadness creeps in.

Count on any information about Adele and it’s a sure “pick up” for me.

Love her attitude, her smile, her hearty laugh, her sense of humor, her strength, her resilience, her down to earth persona, her talent.

You will find 11 reasons enumerated in the video included below.

Believe me, in my book, there are so many more.




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Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire, born 5 May 1988) is an English singer and songwriter.

Graduating from the BRIT School for Performing Arts and Technology in 2006, Adele was given a recording contract by XL Recordings after a friend posted her demo on Myspace the same year. In 2007, she received the Brit Awards “Critics’ Choice” award and won the BBC Sound of 2008 poll.

Her debut album, 19, was released in 2008 to commercial and critical success. It is certified seven times platinum in the UK, and double platinum in the US. An appearance she made on Saturday Night Live in late 2008 boosted her career in the US. At the 51st Annual Grammy Awards in 2009, Adele received the awards for Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.


Early Life

Adele was born on 5 May 1988 in Tottenham, London, the daughter of an English mother, Penny Adkins, and a Welsh father, Mark Evans. Evans left when Adele was two, leaving her mother to raise her.

She began singing at age four and asserts that she became obsessed with voices. Growing up, Adele spent most of her time singing rather than reading; the last book she read was Roald Dahl’s Matilda when she was six years old. In 1997, at the age of nine, Adele and her mother, who by then had found work as a furniture maker and an adult-learning activities organizer, relocated to Brighton on the south coast of England. 

In 1999, two years later, she and her mother moved back to London; first to Brixton, and then to neighboring district West Norwood, in south London. West Norwood is the subject for Adele’s first record, “Hometown Glory“, which she wrote and composed in 2004, when she was 16. Adele graduated from the BRIT School for Performing Arts & Technology in Croydon in May 2006, where she was a classmate of Leona Lewis and Jessie J. Adele credits the school with nurturing her talent.

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~~Before Adele Was Famous~~

~~Published on Nov 6, 2015~~

Before Adele swept the 54th Grammy Awards taking home 6 Grammy’s – a record she now shares with Beyonce. & an Oscar for her track Skyfall.
Before she had to cancel a string of tours and undergo vocal surgery.
Before there was an international man hunt to identify the men who broke Adele’s heart and inspired songs like “Rolling In The Deep” and “Someone Like You”.

Adele’s mother experienced her own heartbreak when her father left her in their early twenties. Growing up she obsessed over music, first the Spice Girls and other pop acts like Pink. Later she took an interest in R&B Aaliyah and Mary J Blige. Later she discovered Etta James and Ella Fitzgerald – but it was Amy Winehouse who inspired Adele to pour out her soul and she would get plenty of inspiration from another singer who dumped her before she penned her album 21.

Michael McCrudden


Simon Konecki


Adele and son, Angelo


We ALL are ONE!! 


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