A Puerto Rican Moment …. “It Happens …. TAINO & Boricua”!!


~~February 25, 2016~~


Taino – Yo Soy Boricua Pa Que Tu Lo Sepas

Yo soy Boricua, pa’que tu lo sepas!” (English: I am Puerto Rican, so that you know!) is a song composed in 1995 by Joel Bosch a.k.a. Taino released in various albums (Con Mi Corona, Numero Uno, Power Mix Latino).

“Yo soy Boricua, pa’que tu lo sepas” became the anthem of Puerto Ricans around the world.

To date, the song still identifies itself as the social statement of proud Puerto Ricans. It is constantly chanted at the NY Puerto Rican day parade, political events and sporting events to rally Puerto Rican athletes.

(For those interested, you can find the video on YouTube).

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We ALL are ONE!!

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